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Rim Tanon means Roadside

The charming small eatery located at 2241 Richmond Ave -- just off Richmond near Kirby -- is an innovative Modern Thai Street Food setup that combines creative Thai accented cooking by talented chefs enclosed in the charming atmosphere of an ancient Thai house.

Start up; Chef Nittreeya Wongsa, our conceptual chef, has worked at several Thai & Asian restaurants both in Thailand and Canada, takes her experience and memories and turns them into fun and creative serving dishes ranging from appetizers, to main dishes and finishing up with wonderful Thai desserts.

Accompanying your dishes with bottles of wine and specialty cocktails are as good as it gets here in Bangkok, Thailand.



Thai lifestyle, which was collectivism played important role in our food culture. Restaurants and street food kiosks were desirable destination where family, friends, and colleagues could spend time together. Unlike somewhere else in the world, street food in Thailand has never slept offering all day services. Popularity in street kiosks has been enhanced over decades so that varieties of foods in particular shop were expanded leading to be one-stop food services. For example, some shops served both North, and Northeast food. The concept is to capture all needs from a group of people in one place. 

Apart from distinct flavors of Thai food, consumers also obtained health benefits from nutrition of herbs and spices. Rice is the most preferable dish for Thai people. Rice could be serve in aspect of jasmine rice, sticky rice and rice noodle. Thai food in each region has its own characteristics. For instance, Thai Foods in Northeast part are mostly spicy seasoning with hot spices. Taste of the central part is milder compared to Northeast region. Thai Food in Southern is the most spicy due to herbal paste. 

In general, top street food in Thailand consists of Pad Thai, Som Tum (Papaya Salad) and Tom Yum. Experiencing street food in Thailand, travellers wont only enjoy taste of Thai Food but also colorful atmosphere.

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